WordPress Black Friday Deals 2019 – Curated

It’s that time of the year again, right? Yay! The holidays are starting!

There’s another good thing about holidays – yes, it’s BLACK FRIDAY and CYBER MONDAY!

For someone buying anything – it’s the best time because brands open up their hearts and soul to buyers. Staying alert, you can avail yourself of some great deals for almost anything you would want to buy. When it comes to building a website, there can’t be any-time better than this.

You can find some heavy discounted deals when it comes to WordPress plugins & themes. While Google is flooded with so many options, let me help you with the deals on the best products which we trust completely. So, taking out the clutter and presenting you with a personal recommendation curated list – here’s our best bet!

WordPress Hosting:


Trusted by over 200000 domains currently. They offer high-end cloud and dedicated hosting plans with amazingly stable servers.

Discount: 75%.
Duration: Nov 29, 2019 – Dec 02, 2019.

Get 75% Discount on SiteGround plans

WP Engine

With one of the best support systems, WP Engine is a platform that provides top-level managed WordPress hosting. According to their marketing materials, “five percent of the online world visits at least one experience on WP Engine each day!”

Duration: Nov 28, 2019 – Dec 02, 2019


With providing the freedom of up to 5 cloud service providers, Cloudways is another most trusted hosting platform for particular WordPress websites.

Discount: They are offering 40% off for the next 3 months
Code: BFCM40
Duration: Valid till Dec 4th

Page Builders:


Elementor is one of the most widely used page builders due to its ease of use, flexibility and wide range of design options.

Discount: 30%
Duration: Nov 24, 2019 – Dec 4, 2019

Get up to 30% discount on Elementor Pro plans


A relatively new page builder, but has amassed a huge market in less time. That translates to how good the product is. It’s extremely user-friendly and totally solves the problem for anyone who isn’t into coding but needs to make awesome websites.

Discount: 40% on yearly plans
Code: BF40OFF
Duration: Nov 29, 2019 – Dec 2, 2019

Get 40% discount on Brizy yearly plans

Caching Plugins:

WP Rocket

One of the caching plugins which we trust. WP Rocket is your one-stop solution in speeding up your website – it does an excellent job of implementing a variety of speed-boosting features.

Discount: 35%
Duration: Nov 26, 2019 – Dec 3, 2019

Swift Performance

This plugin provides intelligent caching and it not just does caching but a variety of other options too. A few unique features are: eliminate render-blocking assets, unlimited image & database optimizer and plugin organizer and more.

Discount: 60%
Duration: Nov 18, 2019 – Dec 03, 2019

Backup and Security Plugins :


One of the best backup plugins in the market, blog vault provides amazing options for managing backup and security. The backup process is extremely fast and has numerous sets of security features to make your website highly secure.

Discount: 40%
Duration: Nov 27, 2019 – Dec 03, 2019

Updraft Plus

One of the most widely used plugins, it amazingly simplifies backup and restoration. With over two million active installs and speedy support, it is a highly trusted brand which you should definitely try.

Discount: 20%
Duration: Nov 25, 2019 – Dec 3, 2019

iThemes Security

One of the most powerful, reasonably priced and user-friendly plugin for WordPress users. The big features of the plugin are brute force protection, strong password enforcement, file change detection, and database backups.

Discount: 50%
Duration: Until Dec 2, 2019


MalCare is another product from BlogVault, and it is amazing. Some distinguishing features from iThemes are that it provides one-click setup, and easy management by providing one dashboard for all your needs.

Discount: 40%
Duration: Nov 27, 2019 – Dec 3, 2019

Feedback plugins:

WP Feedback

It’s an amazing plugin that saves a ton of your time by minimizing friction while working with your WordPress Clients visually. You have the ability to submit feedback and requests directly on their own website! A great tool!

Discount: 40%
Duration: Nov 25, 2019 – Dec 02, 2019

Image Gallery Plugins:


One of the most widely used images gallery plugins, it provides you with a ton of styles and templates, and other helpful features like built-in lazy loading, AJAX gallery filters and more.

Discount: 30%
Duration: Nov 29, 2019 – Dec 3, 2019

NextGEN Gallery

It’s one of the oldest image gallery plugins that sits in the WordPress repository. You can create absolutely beautiful image galleries in WordPress, upload photos in bulk, import metadata and a lot more. It’s a complete gallery management tool for WordPress.

Code: WINTER2019
Discount: 40%
Duration: Nov 25, 2019 – Dec 2, 2019

Forms Plugins:

WP Forms

It is one of the most widely used forms as it is designed to be beginner-friendly. Starting from a simple contact form to a complex one like registration or payment form, WP Forms does it all in a jiffy.

Discount: 60%
Duration: Coming soon

Formidable Forms

With an immensely user-friendly design both for starters and advanced users. You can do all sorts of things like creating graphs, directories, tables, job boards, calendars and a whole lot more.

Discount: 30%
Duration: Nov 25, 2019 – Dec 12, 2019

SEO Plugins:

All in One SEO Pack

One of the most popular SEO plugins with over 27 million downloads, it is a very powerful tool. The premium version has extremely advanced features like Video sitemaps, eCommerce SEO and a lot more. The best thing you get all the settings on one page.

Discount: 30%
Duration : Nov 22, 2019 – Dec 7, 2019

SEO Press

Being a relatively new player, SEO Press not just optimizes your website for SEO but also focuses a lot on website performance. Lots of features like custom post types, WooCommerce Integration, Structured Data types and more.

Discount: 50%
Duration: Nov 26, 2019 – Dec 2, 2019

That’s quite a good list of best WordPress Black Friday Deals for 2019 to get started on your website. So, go ahead grab the deals and start building your amazing website!

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