Flexible and lightweight WordPress theme made for everyone

Lightning performance

Suki is extremely lightweight and optimized for delivering your page at smallest size and fastest load time possible.

Highly customizable

Easily tweak your site looks with more than 450 built-in settings available on our simple and intuitive Theme Options.

Made for everyone

Suki is built for wide range of users, from beginners with no coding knowledge to experts who seek perfection.

Customize everything

Armed with plentiful theme options, Suki allows you to customize all aspects of your site’s design visually with real time preview. All options are very intuitive and well organized, makes it easy to use even for beginners.

  • Layout & Position
  • Typography
  • Colors
  • Size & Spacing
  • Responsive Display
  • Header & Footer Builder

Free built-in header & footer builder

Easily create your unique header & footer using the built in drag & drop builder.

  • Real time visual editor
  • Dedicated mobile header model
  • Hundreds of possibilities

Optimized for performance

Suki is well optimized for lightning performance, which is also a very important factor when measuring your website performance.


A  100


A  100


A  98

** Tested on Suki Speed Test site, without using any CDN service

Extremely lightweight

When we say lightweight, we really mean it — your site definitely runs faster with us.

Fewest HTTP requests

Unlike other themes, Suki only makes 2 HTTP requests on frontend, which reduces your page load time by much.

Less than 20KB

Yes, you read it right, 20 kilobytes, that's the total page size of standard WordPress content running on Suki.

Optimum memory usage

Your page won't be slowed down by unused features, because Suki only loads needed modules on its process.

No jQuery, just Vanilla JS

Suki doesn't use jQuery on frontend. Instead, it uses vanilla javascript which is cleaner and costs you zero bytes.

SVG icons, instead of icon font

Unlike icon font, SVG icons doesn't need additional CSS and font files to be loaded. It means your page is rendered faster!

Native WordPress API

Suki doesn't use any additional framework and only relies on native WordPress API which is lighter and faster.

WooCommerce integration

Powering more over 28% of online stores in the world, WooCommerce is one of the most popular e-commerce platform. Suki has built-in WooCommerce integration features, makes it the perfect companion for WooCommerce. You can customize your shop page, product page, cart page, and also checkout page.

Gutenberg ready

Suki works seamlessly with the new WordPress editor, Gutenberg. All of the default Gutenberg blocks will inherit the same styles which you defined in the theme options. Suki also supports the new wide alignment styles that were introduced in Gutenberg editor.

Compatible with popular Page Builders

Build your content with any page builder plugin you love.

More reasons to love Suki

Besides performance and high customizability, here are other useful features from Suki.

Secure and stable

Developed using WordPress Coding Standards and 100% valid HTML, Suki is completely secure for your site.

Translation & RTL

Working on different language? No worries, you can translate Suki into your language or create a multilingual site.

Structured data

Suki has built-in Schema.org structure data integrated into all pages. Search engines would love your site.

Accessibility ready

Suki passes all the accessibility tests, your site would be 100% friendly and accessible for everyone.

Developer hooks and filters

Using our built-in Hooks and Filters API, developers can easily extend Suki and take it to the next level.

Users community

We have dedicated Facebook group as a place for our users to learn, communicate and discuss about Suki.

Start building your awesome websites with Suki