Hi, nice to meet you! Looks like you want to know more about Suki. That’s great, we are very happy to introduce Suki WordPress theme to you.

Why we started Suki

We believe that a perfect WordPress theme should meet 3 major factors: Flexibility, Performance, and Usability. We have seen many types of WordPress themes available on the market, but none of them really cover those 3 major factors really well. Some themes aims for lightning fast performance but have very limited or minimal features to customize. The other ones offers tons of configurations but very hard to use and have incredibly slow performance.

Suki is built to be the perfect balance between Flexibility, Performance, and Usability. It has a lot of theme options which allows you to craft an unique website. It is also extremely lightweight, which means your site will load faster on frontend. And more importantly, we made it to be as easy to use even for someone who just learned WordPress.

Looking for a perfect WordPress theme that can last forever?

Look no further! Try Suki now and you will fall in love with it!

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