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100% Free to Join

Anyone can join our affiliate program. It's totally free and only takes few minutes to register as our affiliate partner.

High Commission Reward

As a reward for promoting our products, you will get 30% commission on every new sale that you refer to us.

High Quality Products

Our products are the perfect choice for your audiences, as they are built for WordPress leading industry.

How It Works


Become An Affiliate

Register as our affiliate partner and wait until it's approved and then you will get access to our affiliate program.


Send Your Audiences to Us

Start promoting Suki Pro on your own website and send your audiences to our website through your referral link.


Earn Commission on Every Sale

Every time your referred user and they make new purchase, you earn 30% commission from the purchase total.

Frequently Asked Questions

Not necessarily, everyone can become our affiliate even if they haven’t purchased Suki Pro. However, puchasing Suki Pro would provide a better picture about its features and how to promote the product to your audiences.

Yes, you need to register as an affiliate and tell us about yourself and how do you plan to promote our product. Our team will review your request and approve it if we see you fit to be our affiliate partner.

Yes! Login to your account and go to Account > Affiliates menu. And then you can find a lot of logo and banner images on the Creatives tab.

You might also create your own custom banner image (as long as it follows our branding guidelines) and link it with your Affiliate URL.

You get 30% commission on every new sale that you refer.

The tracking cookie would be valid and linked to your account for 60 daysThis will give your referred user enough time to consider purchasing our products.

However, a user may clear their browser cookies at any time, in which case the referred user will no longer be linked to your account.

Yes, you must at least earn $50 in order to receive payment.

If you earn less than $50, the commission remains on your account. Whenever you reach at least $50 of the total unpaid commission on your account, we would send your money on the next payment batch.

You commission will be sent through PayPal. Therefore, you must have a valid PayPal email address assigned to your account to receive any payment from us.

We pay out affiliate commissions in the first week of every month. As we have 14 days money back guarantee on every purchase, we only pay commissions for purchases that are older than 30 days.

For example: You refer 2 users who bought our product on February 10 and February 27. You will receive your commission for those 2 sales on between April 1 – 7.

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Start earning 30% commission on every new sale that you refer!

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