Brand Assets

Below are a few resources and guidelines for using Suki WordPress Theme’s brand on your media. Thanks for respecting our brand!

Brand Name Spelling

These are the correct spelling of Suki and the premium Suki Pro addon.

Suki Spelling:

Suki Pro Spelling:

Color Palette

These are the official brand colors for Suki WordPress Theme as used in the logo and our website.



These are the official Suki WordPress Theme logo in 3 different color schemes, available to download in SVG and PNG format.

Suki WordPress Theme logo

Logo on light background
Download SVG or PNG

Logo on dark background
Download SVG or PNG

Mono colored logo (white)
Download SVG or PNG

Bad Examples

These are a few examples of inappropriate use of Suki logo and wrong color combinations.

Don’t rotate or inverse the logo

Keep the original proportional size

Don’t stack the logo icon and text

Wrong contrast with blue background

Wrong contrast with dark background

Wrong contrast with background image

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