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Layout Modules

Header Elements Plus
Vertical Header
Transparent Header
Sticky Header

Header Elements Plus

Build more advanced and stunning header layout with some new additional elements.

  • + 2 Menus
  • + 2 HTMLs
  • + 2 Buttons
  • + Contact Links
  • + WooCommerce Search

Vertical Header

Show your header elements vertically stacked using Vertical Header with 4 available layouts:

  • Fixed panel on left or right side
  • Sliding drawer panel from left or right side (triggered via toggle)
  • Sliding off-canvas panel from left or right side (triggered via toggle)
  • Full screen panel (triggered via toggle)

Transparent Header

Merge your header sections seamlessly with the page content and use stunning transparent background color.

  • Activate on desktop and mobile header
  • Use custom transparent logo and colors
  • Enable globally or only on specific pages​​
suki-pro-header-transparent-after suki-pro-header-transparent-before

Sticky Header

Make the header section stay visible and accesible wherever the users scroll through the page.

  • Choose which header section to be sticky
  • Activate on desktop and/or mobile header
  • Show permanently or hide on scroll
  • Change logo and colors when sticky
  • Shrink section height and add shadow
  • Enable globally or only on specific pages
Alternate Header Colors
Header Mega Menu
Preloader Screen

Alternate Header Colors

Use different header color scheme that fits into the contrast of the page content.

  • Enable only on specific pages that needs right contrast
  • Apply on desktop and/or mobile header
  • Change logo and colors

Header Mega Menu

Display an engaging dropdown menu with multi-columns layout and insert any kind of content that you want inside it.

  • Add unlimited columns inside
  • Set dynamic width for each column
  • Use Gutenberg or page builders to create your mega menu dropdown content

Preloader Screen

Impress your visitors right from the beginning even when the page is still loading.

  • Choose loader styles: spinner, progress bar, or progress image
  • Enable globally or only on specific pages
Custom Blocks (Hooks)

Custom Blocks (Hooks)

Insert additional custom content on your page. The possibilities are endless!

  • Insert into Suki's template hooks
  • Insert into WordPress original hooks and 3rd party plugin's hooks
  • Insert using shortcode
  • Display globally or only on specific pages
  • Visible for all visitors or just specific users
  • Show or hide on desktop, tablet, or mobile

Assets & Branding Modules

Custom Fonts
Custom Icons
White Label

Custom Fonts

Upload as many custom fonts as you want to use in your design. Make your typography more stand out with your favorite fonts.

  • Upload as many custom fonts as you want
  • Support all formats: woff2, woff, ttf, svg, eot
  • Support all variants: 100 - 900 and italic
  • Integrated with Customizer options
  • Integrated with Gutenberg
  • Integrated with Elementor

Custom Icons

Replace theme’s default icons with your custom icons. You can also add more social icons for the social links widget/element.

  • Replace theme's default icons
  • Add new social media icons
  • Upload SVG icon format

White Label

Building websites for clients? You can replace all Suki original branding with your own personal or company branding.

  • Replace all Suki and Suki Pro branding with your own company branding.
  • Hide all the original branding panels in admin pages
suki-pro-white-label-after suki-pro-white-label-before

Blog Modules

Blog Layout Plus

Blog Layout Plus

Enhance your blog page with the new additional layout options.

  • New blog page layout: List
  • New single post layout soon
  • More blog features soon

WooCommerce Integration Modules

WC Layout Plus
WC Quick View
WC AJAX Add to Cart
WC Off-Canvas Filters

WooCommerce Layout Plus

Empower your WooCommerce store with more engaging and high-converting features that helps boosting your sales.

  • More product gallery layouts
  • More products grid options
  • Product alternate hover image
  • Set unique and dynamic product layout on each product page

WooCommerce Product Quick View

Allow your customers get a quick look of any product details without opening the actual product page.

  • Enable on all types of products grid, like the main products catalog, related products, cross-sells, etc.
  • Support AJAX Add to Cart

WooCommerce AJAX Add to Cart

Let your customers adding products to cart with fast and smooth effects without reloading the product page.

  • Adding products to cart without reloading the product page
  • Highlight header cart after products added to cart

WooCommerce Off-Canvas Filters

Let your customers find the products they love using filter widgets inside the smooth sliding off-canvas panel.

  • Smooth sliding animated off-canvas panel
  • Support all WooCommerce filter widgets
  • Customizable position and styles
WC Checkout Optimization

WooCommerce Checkout Optimization

Make your cart and checkout processes easier and faster for your customers to get higher sales conversion.

  • Sticky checkout button on cart page for mobile view for faster checkout
  • Distraction-free checkout page

Small Size — Huge in Performance

More than 400 new options introduced on Suki Pro, yet it doesn’t hurt your website’s performance at all.

Less Than 10KB Resources

With all the new features enabled, Suki Pro only adds very tiny amount of resources on the frontend.

Still... No jQuery

Just like Suki theme, Suki Pro doesn't require jQuery and only uses the clean and fast Vanilla JS too!

Resources Management

Only the enabled modules are loaded to keep the memory usage as optimum as possible.

Trusted by Many WordPress Professionals

With such a competitive WordPress theme market, the Suki team manages to bring a powerful WordPress theme to the table. Suki is very fast, offers enticing options and features and it works perfectly with the Brizy builder. I highly recommend it.
Dimitrie Baitanciuc
Co-Founder and CMO at Brizy
The best lightweight theme I ever know. Frontend is 20KB size, only 2 HTTP requests, no jQuery. I cannot find another theme that better than Suki right now. Even Suki Pro is no jQuery too, powerful!
Cường Trần
Tech Blogger
From the get-go I was impressed by Suki's ease of use and speed. Optimized for page builder enthusiast, it gives you total control over building your own header, and the ability to deactivate the modules within the theme you don’t use. A 5-star contender for page builder themes!
Jean-Pierre Pellissier (JP)
Educator at Websites 4 Beginners
Suki is truly a great theme, blazing fast, really flexible and customizable. Moreover, with Pro version you get all you need to build amazing websites without coding.
Yves Douillot
Web Designer

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