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Blog Plus

WooCommerce Plus

Color Palette

and more modules in the future

Header Elements Plus

More awesome elements for your header

Make rich and more complex header with new additional header elements on the Header Builder.

  • HTML (+2)
  • Menu (+2)
  • Buttons (+2)
  • WooCommerce Search
  • Contact info

** More elements would be added in the future.

Vertical Header

Add creative vertical header to your design

Turn your header into a minimal and simple design with the off canvas or permanent vertical header.

  • Permanent vertical header style
  • Off-canvas vertical header style
  • Left or right side position of the page

Transparent Header

Blend your header seamlessly into the content

Create more engaging “above the fold” design by making your header to be transparent and overlaying the content.

  • Transparent desktop and mobile header
  • Set transparent logo and colors
  • Activate on all or specific pages

Sticky Header

Stick your header at the top of your page

Keep your header displayed and accessible whenever user is scrolling down through your page.

  • Sticky desktop and mobile header
  • Choose which bar to be sticky
  • 2 sticky modes: permanent and scroll up
  • Set different logo and colors when sticky
  • Activate on all or specific pages

Alternate Header Colors

Apply different header colors on some specific pages

Create secondary color scheme for your header and choose where you will use it.

  • Set different logo and colors
  • Activate on all or specific pages
  • Combine with transparent header

Footer Columns Width

Make your footer more fluid and stunning

Design a beautiful footer with dynamic columns width, works on desktop and also mobile devices.

  • Set different width for each footer widgets column
  • Set column width on responsive devices
Custom Blocks **

Insert custom content anywhere on the page

Blocks allows you to create as many custom content as you want and insert them into the page.

Choose location to display

Insert custom content into the page via shortcode or attach it on any template hook.

Choose pages to display

Select whether to display the custom content globally or only on some specific pages.

Choose who can see it

Manage who can see the custom content, whether it's for all users or just specific roles.

Choose responsive visibility

Show or hide the custom content on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.

Custom Fonts

Enhance your typography with Custom Fonts

Upload your own custom fonts, whether it’s free or premium fonts, and use them directly on your website.
  • Add as many custom font families as you want
  • Specify its weight variants (100-900) and italic
  • Upload web font files in woff2, woff, ttf, svg, eot
  • Use directly on Customizer and also Elementor

Custom Icons

Modify theme's default icons and add new social icons

Replace the default icons with your own SVG icons. You can also add new social icons for social links settings in Customizer.

  • Replace default theme icons with custom SVG icons
  • Add new social icons with the SVG icons
  • SVG icons are faster and can be styled using CSS

white Label

Replace all Suki branding with your own branding

Change all info about Suki theme and Suki Pro plugin on the dashboard with your own personal / company info.

  • Change Suki theme branding with your own branding
  • Change Suki Pro branding with your own branding
  • Replace all menu labels on dashboard
  • Hide some default panels on Suki admin page

Fast Performance

Keep running fast with Suki Pro

Despite of all the powerful features, Suki Pro won’t hurt your performance at all.

Modular architecture

Suki Pro only loads the modules that you have enabled, to make sure you have the optimum memory usage.

Still no jQuery

Stay lightweight and fast without jQuery on frontend. Both Suki theme and Suki Pro only uses Vanilla JS.

Tiny resources on frontend

Suki Pro only adds tiny bytes of resources on frontend and keep your page size at the smallest.

Our users love us

Here are what our happy users said about Suki Pro

Jean-Pierre Pellissier (JP)
Jean-Pierre Pellissier (JP)
Educator and Owner of Websites 4 Beginners
From the get-go I was impressed by Suki’s ease of use and speed. Optimized for page builder enthusiast, it gives you total control over building your own header, and the ability to deactivate the modules within the theme you don’t use. A 5-star contender for page builder themes!
Yves Douillot
Yves Douillot
Educator and Web Designer
Suki is truely a great theme, blazing fast, really flexible and customizable. Moreover, with Pro version you get all you need to build amazing websites without coding.

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