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Make your site even better with Suki Pro

Get access to our set of premium modules with a lot more customization features to your site.

Header (Advanced)

Get vertical header bar, more header builder elements, and more styling options.

Sticky Header

Make your header always displayed when users scroll through the entire page.

Transparent Header

Merge your header with the content and set its background color to transparent.

Alternative Header Colors

Set a different header colors on specific pages to match the content colors.

Footer (Advanced)

Set dynamic footer widget columns width and get more header bottom elements.

Preloader Screen

Put a splash screen with an animated image while your page is being loaded.

Portable Content Blocks

Build custom blocks and put it on theme's built-in hooks or using shortcode.

Blog (Advanced)

Get more styling options for blog posts index and single post page.

WooCommerce (Advanced)

Get more styling options for your shop and single product page.

Typography (Advanced)

Get more typography options for detailed elements on your page.

Custom Fonts

Add custom fonts and integrate it with WP editor, Customizer, and Page Builders.

Custom Icons

Change theme's default SVG icons and add new social icons.

Color Palette

Set 8 global colors and integrate it with WP editor, Customizer, and Page Builders.

White Label

Rebrand any displayed info about Suki into your own company branding.

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