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Suki Pro is an extension of Suki WordPress Theme with tons of powerful features for building professional websites like an expert!

Header Elements Plus

Need more advanced header layout? Header Elements Plus contains more additional elements for the Header Builder.

  • Menu (+2)
  • HTML (+2)
  • Buttons (2)
  • WooCommerce Search
  • Contact Links

Vertical Header

Vertical Header makes your website navigation simpler and more unique.

  • Off canvas vertical header
  • Fixed permanent vertical header
  • Full screen vertical header
  • Left or right position
  • Permanent display or triggered via toggle

Transparent Header

Merge your header sections seamlessly with the page content and use stunning transparent background color.

  • Activate on desktop and mobile header
  • Custom transparent header logo and colors
  • Enable on global or only specific pages

Sticky Header

Make your header sections stay visible and easily accessible whenever users scroll down the page.

  • Activate on desktop and mobile header
  • Choose which header section to be sticky
  • 2 sticky effects: permanent and hide on scroll
  • Custom sticky header logo and colors
  • Enable on global or only specific pages​

Alternate Header Colors

Set secondary header color scheme that fits on different content contexts.

  • Apply on desktop and mobile header
  • Custom alternate header logo and colors
  • Enable on global or only specific pages​

Header Mega Menu

Display more complex header menu layout with multi-columns layout and insert custom contents like HTML tags, image, etc.

  • Create unlimited mega menu
  • Set unlimited columns inside the mega menu
  • Set dynamic width for each column
  • Add custom content to the mega menu

Custom Blocks (Hooks)

Insert any custom content into anywhere on your page. It could be custom sections, shortcode, ads banner, or even javascripts.

  • Insert into Suki template hooks, WordPress hooks, or other plugin's hooks.
  • Insert via shortcode into text widget, header, or other location that supports shortcode.
  • Select which page types that should display the custom block
  • Manage which user roles that can see the custom block
  • Show or hide the custom block on desktop, tablet, or mobile view

Custom Fonts

Want to use fonts other than Google Fonts? With this module, you can upload as many custom font as you want and use them seamlessly in your website.

  • Upload unlimited custom fonts
  • Support all formats (woff2, woff, ttf, svg, eot)
  • Support all variants (100 - 900 and italic)
  • Automatically integrated with Customizer
  • Automatically integrated with Elementor

Custom Icons

This module allows you to replace the theme’s default icons with your own custom SVG icons and also add new social icons seamlessly.

  • Replace theme's default icons with your own custom SVG icons
  • Add new social media icons and upload the SVG icons

Preloader Screen

Don’t let your visitors see an unfinished page. Impress them with a simple animated preloader screen, while waiting for the page fully loaded.

  • Preloader screen with animated spinner
  • Preloader screen with progress bar
  • Preloader screen with progressing image
  • Enable on global or only specific pages​

Advanced WooCommerce

Empower your WooCommerce store with more engaging and high-converting features that helps boosting your sales.

  • Products Search on Header
  • Product catalog styles
  • Off canvas product filters
  • Quick view popup
  • More gallery layout
  • Mobile sticky checkout button on cart page
  • Distraction free checkout page

Advanced Blog

Color Palette

White Label

Building websites for clients? With White Label mode, you can replace all Suki and Suki Pro original branding information and make them looks like your own work.

  • Replace all Suki and Suki Pro branding with your own company branding.
  • Hide all the original branding panels in admin pages
  • More Design Flexibility
  • Performance Optimized
  • Faster Development

Doing More with Less

Suki Pro makes your websites even more awesome and beautiful without sacrificing your website’s speed and performance at all!

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Suki vs Suki Pro Features Comparison

Header Features

Suki Free

Suki Pro

Main Header (Top, Main, Bottom Bar)

Mobile Header

Header Elements



Vertical Header (Off Canvas / Permanent / Full Screen)


Transparent Header


Sticky Header (Always Display / Scroll Up to Show)


Alternate Header Colors


Mega Menu


Footer Features

Suki Free

Suki Pro

Footer Widgets

Footer Bottom

Footer Bottom Elements



Footer Widgets Columns Width


Responsive Footer Widgets Columns Width


Other Page Layout Features

Suki Free

Suki Pro

Page Header (Title Bar)

Content & Sidebar

Add Custom Blocks (Hooks)


Preloader Screen


Blog Features

Suki Free

Suki Pro

Blog Layout: Default

Blog Layout: Grid

WooCommerce Integration Features

Suki Free

Suki Pro

WooCommerce Elements Colors

Products Catalog Settings

Mobile Optimized Cart Page

Products Search on Header Element


Products Loop Item Styles


Off Canvas Product Filters


Quick View on Products Catalog


More Gallery Layouts on Single Product Page


Mobile Floating Checkout Button on Cart Page


Distraction Free Checkout Page



Suki Free

Suki Pro

Replace Theme's Default UI Icons


Add New Social Icons


Add Custom Fonts


White Label


Priority Support


Trusted by WordPress Professionals


More Features on Suki Pro

Secure and Stable

Developed using the latest and stable WordPress Coding Standards, Suki Pro is totally safe and secure.

Still - No jQuery, Just Vanilla JS

Just like Suki theme, Suki Pro also doesn't require jQuery library at all and only uses Vanilla JS on frontend.

Slim and Lightweight

Despite the powerful features it offers, Suki Pro only adds tiny bytes of resources which won't hurt your website's performance.

Modules Management

Built using modular architecture, Suki Pro allows you to enable only the modules that you want to use.

Automatic Updates

Every time we release an update, you will get notification to update Suki Pro in one-click directly in your dashboard.

Stellar Customer Support

Whenever you hit an issue, you will get faster and more accurate helps directly from our experienced support team.

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