• Fix: Custom Blocks – Singular Post and Page hooks.
  • Fix: Alt Header Color – Link Active Text Color.
  • Fix: Sticky Sidebar – Individual Page Settings option.
  • Fix: Dynamic CSS – Header link active text color.


  • Fix: Sticky Sidebar – Sticky sidebar not working.
  • FIX: Custom Fonts – Can’t upload .ttf file on some servers.
  • FIX: Blog Featured Posts – Javascript error.


  • Fix: Vertical Header CSS.


  • FIX: Sticky Sidebar – Error when sidebar height is longer than main column height.
  • FIX: Some CSS bugs.


  • NEW: Add new module: Sticky Sidebar.
  • NEW: Header Mega Menu — Add new option for Mega Menu width: “Full width” (the dropdown panel spans full width but the mega menu content follows section’s container width).
  • NEW: Header Elements Plus — Add new header element: “Cart Off Canvas”.
  • NEW: Header Elements Plus — Add “smart” CSS to detect if center column on any header bar contains Menu + Logo + Menu combination then center the logo and make both menus in same width.
  • NEW: Header Elements Plus — Allow more header elements to be used inside Mobile Header’s main bar: HTML 2, HTML 3, Contact, Button 1, Button 2.
  • NEW: WooCommerce AJAX Add to Cart — Add new option to enable AJAX Add to Cart on Quick View popup. Previously, it follows the same setting as single product AJAX Add to Cart option.
  • NEW: Blog Layout Plus – Add border radius and box shadow options to Post Layout: List.
  • NEW: Blog Layout Plus – Add thumbnail options (image size, ignore padding, cover mode) for Post Layout: List.
  • NEW: Blog Layout Plus – Add color options for Post Layout: List.
  • NEW: WPML Compatibility – Add WPML configuration file (wpml-config.xml) for automatic WPML integration.
  • TWEAK: AJAX Add to Cart — Add mirror setting for AJAX Add to Cart on archives / products grid.
  • TWEAK: AJAX Add to Cart — Allow “Show header cart after succeed” to work on archives / products grid as well.
  • TWEAK: Sticky Header – Move JS configuration from header bar’s HTML tag attributes to JS variables.
  • TWEAK: Blog Featured Posts – Move JS configuration from HTML tag attributes to JS variables.
  • TWEAK: Customizer — Improve Customizer UI & UX.
  • FIX: Admin page fatal error on PHP 8.
  • FIX: WooCommerce Layout Plus – CSS not being enqueued if this is the only active pro module.


  • FIX: Custom Blocks fatal error since Brizy 2.0.x


  • TWEAK: WooCommerce AJAX Add to Cart: The “Show cart on header after succeed” option doesn’t work if user added a product via Quick View popup.
  • TWEAK: WooCommerce Product Quick View: Add “double tap” behavior on product thumbnail to allow the Quick View trigger button appear on the first tap.
  • FIX: WooCommerce Product Quick View: The Quick View popup now works on mobile device.
  • FIX: WooCommerce Layout Plus: Fix CSS bug of product gallery when on “left” and “right” layout.


  • NEW: Add new “Scripts” hook options for Custom Blocks with custom filters for better rendering.
  • TWEAK: Improve AJAX Add to Cart javascript to detect more form fields added from 3rd party WooCommerce addons.
  • FIX: Fatal error if Custom Block is attached to “Replace Header” hook when Vertical Header module is inactive.
  • FIX: “Suki Custom Blocks” Toolbar menu always show “No Custom Block attached on this page” (since WordPress 5.4).
  • FIX: Remove duplicate Mega Menu settings button on Menus editor (since WordPress 5.4).
  • FIX: Mega Menu columns width issue.


  • TWEAK: Add option to hide Featured Image on list post layout.
  • TWEAK: Refactor all javascript’s event handlers with “Event Delegation” for better performance.
  • FIX: WooCommerce dynamic product gallery layout.
  • FIX: WooCommerce AJAX Add to Cart bug, adding variable products into the cart twice.


  • TWEAK: Improve header mega menu dropdown style.
  • FIX: Sticky Header logo’s width bug.
  • FIX: Vertical Header overflow scrolling CSS.
  • FIX: WooCommerce Off Canvas Filters’ overflow scrolling CSS.


  • NEW: Add French translation, thanks to Bruno Tritsch.
  • TWEAK: Improve translation loader.
  • TWEAK: Change some default option values.
  • FIX: Mega Menu columns width bug.


  • NEW MODULE: “Blog – Layout Plus”.
  • NEW MODULE: “Blog – Related Posts”.
  • NEW MODULE: “Blog – Featured Posts”.
  • NEW: Custom Blocks markup settings.
  • NEW: Custom Blocks integration for Divi Builder.
  • NEW: Add Custom Blocks menu into the toolbar. Now you can easily find and edit any Custom Blocks rendered in the current page.
  • NEW: Dynamic product layout settings (inside Page Settings metabox) on each product page.
  • TWEAK: Split Advanced WooCommerce module into separate modules.
  • TWEAK: Improve WooCommerce AJAX Add to Cart script for 3rd party plugins compatibilities.
  • TWEAK: Modify WooCommerce’s alternate hover image markup for WP Rocket lazy load script.
  • FIX: WooCommerce external product button conflict with AJAX Add to Cart script.
  • FIX: Preloader Screen bug on mobile devices.
  • FIX: Sticky Header bug when one of mobile or desktop sticky mode is disabled.
  • FIX: Custom Fonts @font-face bug on EOT file source.
  • FIX: Some other minor bugs.


  • FIX: Mega Menu CSS.


  • FIX: Header Mega Menu Heading CSS.
  • FIX: Fix wide and full alignment CSS of Gutenberg blocks when used with permanent Vertical Header.


  • NEW: Add Custom Blocks support for Brizy page builder.
  • TWEAK: Improve Sticky Header JS.


  • TWEAK: Advanced WooCommerce template modification.
  • FIX: Hide number on gallery slider bullets in Quick View popup.


  • NEW: Option to set WooCommerce Quick View popup width.
  • TWEAK: When adding a new Custom Block, the “show on” display rule is set “Entire website” by default.
  • TWEAK: Custom Blocks attached to outside <body> will automatically have no block wrapper. e.g. attaching scripts to <head>.
  • TWEAK: Improve some text strings on admin pages.
  • FIX: Mega Menu element filters when displaying Custom Content.
  • FIX: When White Label mode is active, it should show the White Label value instead of original plugin name “Suki Pro”.


  • FIX: Border CSS bug.


  • FIX: Header’s contact info element: links are not working.
  • FIX: Custom Block rendering to support raw HTML block.
  • FIX: Error when using Elementor to build the Custom Block content.


  • NEW: Add Suki Pro version to body tag class on frontend.
  • FIX: Fatal error when Advanced WooCommerce module is activated when WooCommerce is not installed.
  • FIX: Advanced WooCommerce’s Quick View JS error.
  • FIX: Sticky Header on merged header section.
  • FIX: Plugin’s notices feature caused loopback request error.


  • First release