• FIX: Minor CSS.


  • NEW: Template hooks – Before Hero (suki/frontend/before_hero).
  • NEW: Template hooks – After Hero (suki/frontend/after_hero).
  • NEW: WooCommerce – Add product taxonomy description as Content Header element.
  • TWEAK: Page templates – Add Hero section on custom page templates (can be disabled via Page Settings).
  • FIX: WooCommerce – Fix theme’s breadcrumb on WooCommerce archive page.
  • FIX: WooCommerce – Fix theme’s breadcrumb on WooCommerce search results page.
  • FIX: Minor CSS.


  • NEW: WooCommerce – Styles for WooCommerce widget blocks: Price Filter and Attribute Filter.
  • FIX: Migration – Fix version migration.
  • FIX: Breadcrumb – Error on blog front page.
  • FIX: WooCommerce – Fix theme’s breadcrumb on WooCommerce product page.
  • FIX: WooCommerce – Disabled product gallery still takes space in the layout.
  • FIX: Dynamic CSS – Headings typography settings CSS.


  • FIX: WooCommerce – Fix theme’s breadcrumb for WooCommerce product and archive pages.


  • FIX: Blog – Pagination now showing.
  • FIX: WooCommerce – Fix theme’s breadcrumb for WooCommerce product pages.
  • FIX: Migration – Fix version migration.


  • TWEAK: Breadcrumb – Improve breadcrumb on WooCommerce product pages, it will automatically detect “Shop” page title and use it in the breadcrumb.
  • FIX: Hero – Hero section background mode on single post type pages.
  • FIX: WooCommerce – Account page’s avatar bug, not showing user’s defined gravatar.
  • FIX: WooCommerce – Product gallery width option.
  • FIX: Gutenberg CSS.


  • NEW: Theme Support – Add Gutenberg “Custom Spacing” theme support (block padding options).
  • NEW: Breadcrumb – Add new option: “Hide if home or current page is the only item” mode.
  • FIX: Breadcrumb – Bug on singular pages.
  • FIX: WooCommerce – Content header issue on Shop page.
  • FIX: Page Settings – Default values on custom post types.
  • FIX: Gutenberg CSS.
  • FIX: Some dynamic CSS bugs.


  • NEW: Content Header — Introducing “Content Header”, per-page configurable set of page title, breadcrumb, and other elements.
  • NEW: Hero Section — Replace the former “Page Header” section.
  • NEW: Blog – Add new dedicated Single Post Page options (formerly uses the same layout as “Default” post layout for archives page).
  • NEW: Page – Add new dedicated Single Static Page options (formerly uses the same layout as “Default” post layout for archives page).
  • NEW: Breadcrumb — Theme’s native breadcrumb.
  • NEW: Header Elements — Add Breadcrumb element to Header.
  • NEW: Header Elements — Add new options to show Shopping Cart’s amount and its responsive visibility.
  • NEW: Social Icons — Add more social icons: WordPress, Messenger, Skype, Slack, Telegram, WhatsApp, GitLab, Bitbucket.
  • NEW: Sidebar — Add new option to set widget title tag (h2 / h3 / h4 / div) for custom SEO needs.
  • NEW: Footer Widgets Bar — Add new option to set widget title tag (h2 / h3 / h4 / div) for custom SEO needs.
  • NEW: Gutenberg — Add new theme supports for Gutenberg features: theme font sizes, custom line height, custom units, custom cover block padding, custom link color.
  • NEW: Footer Elements — Add new element: HTML (accepts HTML tags and shortcode).
  • NEW: Blog — Thumbnail size option for blog post layouts.
  • NEW: Blog — “Content or excerpt” option for default post layout.
  • NEW: Customizer — Border radius and Box shadow options for posts layout, sidebar.
  • NEW: WooCommerce compatibility – Add new option to change the cart cross sells position.
  • NEW: WPML Compatibility — Add WPML configuration file (wpml-config.xml) for automatic WPML integration.
  • NEW: Page Template – Page Builder with Container — Page template for page builders that doesn’t have their own content container functionalities, such as Visual Composer, Site Origin, etc.
  • TWEAK: Header Elements — SVG Logo now will be displayed using <img> tag instead of the inline SVG method. This will prevent display issue when both desktop and mobile SVG logo contain elements with same ID (e.g. gradient fill effect).
  • TWEAK: Header Elements — Improve header’s Shopping Cart template (If you overrode this template via Child Theme, please review the template again).
  • TWEAK: Header Elements — Allow “Shopping Cart Dropdown” inside the mobile header bar.
  • TWEAK: Header Builder — Improve header menu javascript to support full width Mega Menu (available since Suki Pro v1.2).
  • TWEAK: Social Icons — Update some existing social icons.
  • TWEAK: Social Icons — Add hidden label on each social icon for better accessibility.
  • TWEAK: Social Icons — Remove Google+.
  • TWEAK: Google Fonts — Update Google Fonts list.
  • TWEAK: WooCommerce compatibility — Improve template modifications via hooks.
  • TWEAK: WooCommerce compatibility — Improve mini cart widget’s buttons CSS (make each button full width for better compatibility with longer text in non-english languages).
  • TWEAK: Elementor compatibility — Move compatibility CSS to standalone inline CSS.
  • TWEAK: Customizer — Improve Customizer UI & UX.
  • TWEAK: Theme Dashboard — Improve theme dashboard layout for better compatibility with Suki Pro’s White Label module. Now user won’t see “pro” badges and links to our website on the modules manager.
  • TWEAK: Deprecate “Page Header” section.
  • TWEAK: Implement Filters API to allow further modification on each template part’s HTML markup.
  • TWEAK: Use localize scripts to define header bars JS configuration instead of using HTML tag attributes (fallback compatibilities are added for prior Suki Pro 1.2.0).
  • TWEAK: A lot of CSS improvements.
  • FIX: Header — Shopping cart dropdown toggle does nothing on Cart and Checkout pages. Now it works like a link to the Cart page.
  • FIX: Footer — Widgets column width bug.
  • FIX: WooCommerce — “My Account” page’s navigation links color doesn’t follow the global link color configured in Customizer.
  • FIX: Elementor Pro compatibility — Elementor Pro’s WooCommerce products grid CSS conflict with theme’s CSS.
  • FIX: Customizer Preview Frame size for Tablet and Mobile modes.
  • FIX: CSS Media Query bugs on Windows browsers — Now Windows browsers will show correct breakpoints.
  • FIX: RTL CSS issue and file naming.
  • FIX: Blurred text rendering.


  • FIX: Header shopping cart’s count badge CSS (bug since v1.2.12).
  • FIX: WooCommerce product’s image gallery CSS (bug since v1.2.12).


  • TWEAK: Improve header menu and sub menu CSS to support shrunk logo on Sticky mode.
  • TWEAK: Change WooCommerce product gallery “slide” transition to “fade” transition (due to Mozilla Firefox bug when using “Left” gallery layout mode from Suki Pro).
  • TWEAK: Automatically focus to search bar when header search icon is clicked, works on both desktop and mobile browsers. It also supports custom search bar from 3rd party plugins.
  • TWEAK: Improve HTML structure of header sections for better compatibility.
  • TWEAK: Deprecate header-desktop-bar.php template part and replace it with 3 new separate template parts: header-desktop-top-bar, header-desktop-main-bar, and header-desktop-bottom-bar.
  • TWEAK: Deprecate suki_main_header__bar function and replace it with 3 new template functions: suki_main_header__top_bar, suki_main_header__main_bar, suki_main_header__bottom_bar.
  • TWEAK: Change CSS class for sticky “Scroll to top” button (from “sticky” to “suki-sticky”) to avoid CSS conflict with sticky blog post style.
  • FIX: Header accessibility issue when user is using keyboard to navigate the menu items.
  • FIX: JS error message when closing toggled header sub menu.
  • FIX: CSS on WooCommerce Checkout payment methods.
  • FIX: Minor CSS issue.


  • FIX: WooCommerce cart’s cross sells hiding option bug when using 2 columns layout.
  • FIX: WooCommerce quantity increment button’s Javascript for better compatibility with 3rd party plugins.
  • FIX: WooCommerce products grid’s AJAX add to cart loading button CSS.
  • FIX: Remove bottom border on WooCommerce’s cart table when on mobile view.


  • TWEAK: Improve mobile header dropdown behavior: clicking the menu link will also open the dropdown.
  • FIX: Mobile header dropdown bug from v1.2.9.


  • FIX: WooCommerce cart’s cross sells hiding option.
  • FIX: WooCommerce product’s gallery and summary width CSS.
  • FIX: Border radius on “toggle buttons”.
  • FIX: Javascript error in IE 11 browser.
  • FIX: Click event handler of non link elements on older Mobile Safari browser.


  • TWEAK: Improve WooCommerce product CSS.
  • FIX: Elementor Pro’s Theme Builder compatibility bug.


  • TWEAK: Improve Gutenberg editor CSS.
  • TWEAK: Improve accesssibility supports.
  • FIX: Gutenberg columns responsive CSS.
  • FIX: Header menu hightlight CSS.
  • FIX: Elementor Pro’s Theme Builder compatibility bug.


  • FIX: Scroll to Top javascript.
  • FIX: Javascript warning in Firefox browser.


  • TWEAK: Refactor all javascript’s event handlers with “Event Delegation” for better performance.
  • TWEAK: Improve WooCommerce quantity increment buttons CSS (larger size, more mobile friendly).
  • TWEAK: Improve WooCommerce quantity increment buttons JS.
  • TWEAK: Allow WooCommerce product gallery width to be less than 50% (now 25% is the minimum width).
  • FIX: Gutenberg columns CSS.


  • NEW: Update Google Fonts list (from 916 fonts to 977 fonts).
  • NEW: Option to hide featured image on blog posts layout (Default and Grid layout).
  • FIX: Header submenu style.
  • FIX: Gutenberg alignwide and alignfull CSS.


  • FIX: Header mobile drawer’s overflow scrolling CSS.
  • FIX: Page header background bug when WooCommerce shop page set as front page.
  • FIX: Page header title bug when WooCommerce shop page set as front page.
  • FIX: WooCommerce’s star’s color CSS in the review form page.
  • FIX: WooCommerce’s “My Account” page CSS for non-logged in users.


  • FIX: WooCommerce’s product review CSS on mobile devices.
  • FIX: Brizy Integration’s CSS reset bug on Safari when using light text on dark background.


  • FIX: Theme’s typography bug inside Gutenberg editor (overriding custom typography settings from 3rd party addons).
  • FIX: Overlapping select2 CSS on the admin’s metabox.


  • NEW: Implement template inheritances using template files (via custom get_template_part function). Developers could easily override template files from Child Theme.
  • NEW: Social links widget.
  • NEW: Items gap options for Post Layout: Default.
  • NEW: Excerpt options for Post Layout: Default.
  • NEW: Excerpt options for Post Layout: Grid.
  • NEW: Additional style options for Post Layout: Default – items gap.
  • NEW: Additional style options for Post Layout: Grid – padding, border.
  • NEW: Filter suki/frontend/meta_avatar_size to change gravatar size on entry meta.
  • NEW: Migration process to v1.2.0.
  • TWEAK: Improve Brizy integration.
  • TWEAK: Improve dynamic custom CSS generation performance by filtering the CSS array based on the saved theme options only.
  • TWEAK: Improve string on post navigation to avoid wrong translation on the “%title” syntax.
  • TWEAK: Improve Gutenberg CSS.
  • TWEAK: Improve WooCommerce CSS.
  • TWEAK: Improve some text strings.
  • FIX: Header search dropdown bug for not showing on mobile devices.
  • FIX: Sub menu overflow bug (remove JS that detects vertical overflow).
  • FIX: WooCommerce product gallery’s zoom and lightbox bugs.
  • FIX: Minor Customizer CSS since WordPress 5.3.


  • TWEAK: Improve UX of Customizer’s builder control: hide add button when there is no available element left.
  • FIX: Header menu’s underline highlight CSS.
  • FIX: Customizer’s shadow control doesn’t show Color Palette.


  • FIX: Page Header title on date archive pages.
  • FIX: Hide content header on archive pages when there is no title or description to display.
  • FIX: Page Header CSS on mobile.
  • FIX: WooCommerce products grid margin CSS.
  • FIX: Full screen mobile header drawer transition CSS.


  • NEW: “Scroll to Top” feature.
  • NEW: “Color Palette” feature.
  • NEW: Option(s) to change form input typography.
  • NEW: Option(s) to enable / disable font smoothing.
  • NEW: Option(s) to change full screen mobile header drawer position.
  • NEW: Page Header drag & drop layout builder (replace the old layout option).
  • NEW: Option(s) to change Page Header title text on post type archive page and taxonomy archive page.
  • NEW: Breadcrumb integrations for Rank Math.
  • NEW: Breadcrumb integrations for SEOPress.
  • NEW: Archive description is now automatically displayed on the archive page.
  • NEW: Add new action hook suki/frontend/before_primary_and_sidebar and suki/frontend/after_primary_and_sidebar.
  • NEW: Option(s) to change blog posts grid row gap.
  • NEW: WooCommerce 2 columns layout for Cart page (configurable on Customizer).
  • NEW: WooCommerce product’s quantity input will automatically have minus (-) and plus (+) button.
  • NEW: Option(s) to change WooCommerce products grid row gap.
  • NEW: Add some new modules into the modules manager for Suki Pro v1.1.0.
  • TWEAK: Improve frontend’s general typography CSS for better readibility and accessibility.
  • TWEAK: Improve Gutenberg CSS for new native blocks and styles.
  • TWEAK: Improve dynamic CSS placement on frontend to allow Child Theme override the styles easier.
  • TWEAK: Improve Header Builder: Allow header logo to be placed on all header sections.
  • TWEAK: Improve Header Builder: Allow HTML header element to be placed on mobile header section.
  • TWEAK: Page Header is now enabled by default (for fresh installation only).
  • TWEAK: Improve WooCommerce cart and checkout page styles.
  • TWEAK: Improve WooCommerce filter widgets styles.
  • TWEAK: WooCommerce frontend CSS is now only 1 request and 58KB in size (using theme’s dedicated WooCommerce frontend CSS instead of overriding original WooCommerce CSS).
  • TWEAK: Add smooth animation for accordion menu dropdown (used in mobile header menu).
  • TWEAK: Improve featured image size used in default post layout and grid post layout.
  • TWEAK: Redesign Suki theme’s dashboard page UI.
  • TWEAK: Use new radio image control on some Customizer settings UI for more intuitive experience.
  • TWEAK: Update Google Fonts list to the latest one.
  • FIX: WooCommerce select2 CSS.
  • FIX: Some frontend CSS bugs.
  • FIX: Hidden search widget on search results page.
  • FIX: Customizer number field validation.
  • FIX: Customizer dimensions control doesn’t show the saved unit value correctly.
  • FIX: CSS fallback compatibility for older browsers like IE11 and Safari iOS 9.


  • TWEAK: Improve logo’s vertical alignment CSS.


  • TWEAK: Improve javascript that makes header sub menu aligned properly.
  • FIX: Button and form input typography should inherit base typography.


  • TWEAK: Improve WooCommerce checkout page structures for compatibility with 3rd party plugins.
  • TWEAK: Improve WooCommerce 2 columns layout checkout page styles.
  • FIX: Base CSS for iframe.


  • NEW: Elementor compatibility CSS.
  • NEW: Brizy Integration option: disable Brizy’s reset CSS.
  • NEW: Footer copyright text now supports new syntax {{theme}}.
  • TWEAK: Improve theme’s CSS to be slightly slimmer.
  • TWEAK: Improve image width on any Gutenberg embed block with image type.


  • NEW: Brizy Integration option: use theme’s content width as Brizy content width.
  • TWEAK: Improve HTML markup of WooCommerce’s “added to cart” message.
  • FIX: Page header title text on products search results page should show “Search results for …”.


  • TWEAK: Improve mobile header menu’s dropdown sign style.
  • TWEAK: Improve WooCommerce template modifications.
  • TWEAK: Improve minor WooCommerce CSS.
  • FIX: Social media links can’t open in new tab.


  • NEW: Add the new wp_body_open() theme hook (WordPress 5.2 compatibility).
  • TWEAK: Remove #body wrapper inside the <body> tag.
  • TWEAK: Improve minor WooCommerce CSS.
  • TWEAK: Improve some text strings in admin pages.
  • FIX: When White Label mode is active (via Suki Pro), it should show the White Label value instead of original theme name “Suki”.
  • FIX: Header mobile main bar’s “spacing between elements”.


  • FIX: Border CSS bug (grid blog post).


  • FIX: Border CSS bug.


  • TWEAK: Improve Gutenberg editor CSS.
  • TWEAK: Remove additional custom CSS for Elementor, now will use 100% Elementor default CSS.


  • TWEAK: Use Filesystem API to render inline SVG.


  • TWEAK: Remove default center alignment for Image Widget.
  • FIX: Footer widgets gap CSS.
  • FIX: SVG logo rendering error.


  • TWEAK: Improve content row CSS.
  • FIX: WooCommerce’s single product gallery width CSS.
  • FIX: Header submenu / dropdown CSS.


  • TWEAK: Improve WooCommerce products grid CSS.
  • TWEAK: Improve Gutenberg columns CSS.


  • NEW: Allow child theme to use parent theme options (for easier migration).
  • NEW: Default blog posts layout will automatically use excerpt instead of the main content if specified.
  • NEW: Options to change header’s submenu colors on each header bar (top, main, bottom bar).
  • NEW: Options to change header’s cart count colors.
  • NEW: Options to change entry footer text alignment.
  • NEW: Header popup (e.g. mobile header drawer) will automatically close when user clicks a hash link to elements on the same page.
  • NEW: Filters (suki/page_settings/setting_value and suki/page_settings/setting_value/{$key}) to modify current page setting values when retrieving1.
  • NEW: Filters (suki/customizer/setting_value and suki/customizer/setting_value/{$key}) to modify theme option values when retrieving1.
  • NEW: Filter (suki/frontend/svg_icon/) to modify the SVG tags of theme’s icons.
  • NEW: Filters to add classes to many different post entries.
  • NEW: Filters to add classes to some WooCommerce elements.
  • NEW: Brizy compatilibity: container width will inherit from Theme options.
  • NEW: Improve default theme colors to pass WCAG 2.0 AA.
  • NEW: Add supports for Suki Pro v1.0.x.
  • NEW: Add em unit to font size options.
  • NEW: Add em unit to padding options.
  • TWEAK: Improve some WooCommerce HTML markup.
  • TWEAK: Colors of general elements will affect more globally.
  • TWEAK: Change default grid post style to no border and no padding (configurable via new added options).
  • TWEAK: Update color picker library from wp-color-picker-alpha to alpha-color-picker.
  • TWEAK: Logo in text will automatically use h1 styles.
  • TWEAK: Improve entry header and entry footer HTML markup.
  • TWEAK: Improve shopping cart count HTML markup for easier styling.
  • TWEAK: Improve page settings meta box with clearer information.
  • TWEAK: Improve Gutenberg editor CSS.
  • TWEAK: Improve Gutenberg frontend CSS.
  • TWEAK: Improve WooCommerce compatibility CSS.
  • TWEAK: Improve default theme’s CSS.
  • TWEAK: Improve some text strings.
  • TWEAK: Update Suki Pro modules list.
  • TWEAK: Update Suki admin page looks to be simpler and cleaner.
  • FIX: Customizer styles were applied on whole Gutenberg editor page when page is built using page builders.
  • FIX: Header or Footer Social links “open in new tab”.
  • FIX: Footer bottom overflow bug on mobile screen.
  • FIX: Header and Footer Builder on Safari Mac.
  • FIX: Contained section CSS.
  • FIX: Dynamic CSS for WooCommerce’s button.
  • FIX: Warning on suki_get_current_page_setting function.


  • FIX: Single template filter for Elementor library affected all other post types as well.


  • FIX: Remove Elementor and Brizy isolation mode (this caused some problems in multiple cases).


  • TWEAK: Improve Suki admin page with quick links.
  • FIX: Brizy editor isolation mode.


  • NEW: Add dedicated template for Elementor Template with “Page” or “Section” types.
  • NEW: Elementor preview isolation mode (elements except the main editor is ignoring any mouse event).
  • NEW: Brizy preview isolation mode (elements except the main editor is ignoring any mouse event).
  • TWEAK: Remove classList polyfill JS (unnecessary).
  • FIX: Header logo CSS for sticky header integration (used in Suki Pro).
  • FIX: Link default colors.


  • FIX: Popup close icon CSS.
  • FIX: Footer bottom CSS.


  • FIX: TinyMCE settings filters which caused blank white error on TinyMCE.
  • FIX: Minor CSS.


  • FIX: Gutenberg cover image CSS when using parallax and wide alignment mode.


  • FIX: Use selected font family in Gutenberg editor.


  • TWEAK: Improve Gutenberg editor CSS.
  • TWEAK: Improve CSS for widgets and other minor elements.
  • TWEAK: Improve static pages template hooks.
  • TWEAK: Make multiple elements in a footer bottom column displayed inline (previously block).
  • FIX: Footer bottom CSS.


  • FIX: Global page header background image was not showing in archive page.
  • FIX: Header link hover color.
  • FIX: Footer bottom responsive CSS.
  • FIX: Some minor CSS.


  • NEW: Move Gutenberg compatibility features into core.
  • NEW: Gutenberg editor’s styles.
  • NEW: Option to set spacing between header’s merged bars (top and bottom) and the main bar.
  • NEW: Option to set spacing between footer’s merged bottom bar and the widgets bar.
  • NEW: Option to set spacing between footer’s merged bottom bar and the widgets bar.
  • NEW: Option to set active menu link colors including its highlight effect colors.
  • NEW: Option to set spacing between elements on footer bottom bar.
  • NEW: Option to set page header background overlay color along with transparency.
  • NEW: Option to set page header layout width when on “left”, “center”, “right” layout.
  • NEW: Option to set WooCommerce products grid text alignment.
  • NEW: Option to set post / page content header alignment.
  • NEW: Percentage (%) unit on all section padding settings.
  • TWEAK: Move “Page Settings” metabox to side panels (for better experience on Gutenberg).
  • TWEAK: Remove static page’s template hooks and use same hooks as default post content’s.
  • TWEAK: Header’s merged bars HTML structure.
  • TWEAK: Footer’s merged bars HTML structure.
  • TWEAK: Suki Pro modules list.
  • TWEAK: Remove “page header background overlay opacity” setting in favor of “page header background overlay color”.
  • TWEAK: Update Google Fonts JSON.
  • FIX: JS warning when header is disabled.
  • FIX: Reponsive switcher on Customizer’s slider and typography controls.
  • FIX: Some WooCommerce CSS.
  • FIX: Some Gutenberg CSS.
  • FIX: Some other template CSS.


  • TWEAK: Make header HTML elements allow all HTML tags.
  • FIX: Variable product’s “add to cart” form CSS.
  • FIX: Footer widget columns width on mobile.
  • FIX: Cart totals CSS.
  • FIX: Select2 CSS.


  • TWEAK: Improve compatibility CSS for WooCommerce 3.5.
  • TWEAK: Improve letter spacing step, from 0.5px to 0.1px.
  • FIX: Gutenberg blocks CSS.
  • FIX: Customizer’s dimensions control bug for not saving responsive values.
  • FIX: Customizer’s shadow control JS.
  • FIX: Customizer’s footer builder JS.


  • NEW: WooCommerce cart’s table responsive styles.
  • NEW: Make search form’s placeholder text translatable from theme’s text domain.
  • TWEAK: Adjust narrow content and content wrapper allowed width ranges in Customizer.
  • TWEAK: Improve WooCommerce responsive cart table styles.
  • FIX: Customizer’s shadow control JS bug.
  • FIX: Customizer’s postmessage on button radius option for WooCommerce buttons.
  • FIX: Customizer’s postmessage on subsidiary headings.
  • FIX: Custom CSS media queries order.
  • FIX: Custom CSS on WooCommerce buttons and inputs.
  • FIX: Some minor CSS.


  • NEW: Header menu highlight now has highlight text color option.
  • TWEAK: Drastically improve Customizer performance (now it loads much faster).
  • TWEAK: Now section side padding is merged to “Padding” option (to avoid confusion).
  • FIX: Header sub-menu typography.
  • FIX: Customizer color control’s autocomplete issue.
  • FIX: Customizer bugs.
  • FIX: Some CSS bugs.
  • FIX: Page header’s default background on static pages.


  • TWEAK: Improve compatibility for Suki Pro.
  • FIX: Page header’s background not using feature image on static pages.


  • NEW: Customizer’s dimension control.
  • TWEAK: Improve default compatibility styles for Gutenberg.
  • TWEAK: Improve compatibility for Suki Pro.
  • TWEAK: Improve value range on all padding, border controls in Customizer.
  • TWEAK: Improve Suki admin page content and design.
  • FIX: Responsive settings on Customizer’s Typography control.
  • FIX: “Hide post title” option (Page Settings) bug on static page.
  • REMOVE: Section side padding options on Customizer — now is default in theme CSS.
  • REMOVE: Gutenberg options on Customizer — now is default in theme CSS.


  • FIX: custom CSS bug on v0.5.1.


  • NEW: “Page header” option on Page Settings to enable / disable page header (replacing “Disable page header” option).
  • TWEAK: Improve all sanitization and escaping.
  • TWEAK: Improve some strings.
  • FIX: z-index on Content section overlapping Header bottom bar.
  • FIX: Mobile header submenu typography live preview on Customizer.
  • FIX: Page settings fallback values for Page header background image.
  • REMOVE: “Disable page header” option on Page Setting (in favor of the new “Page header” option).


  • NEW: Page Header background image mode on Customizer’s Page Settings (replacing the old background options).
  • NEW: Gutenberg columns option in Customizer.
  • NEW: Option to hide featured image on page and post meta box.
  • TWEAK: Add proper rel attribute on social links — credit to (luizbills)https://github.com/luizbills[https://github.com/sukiwp/suki/pull/8]
  • TWEAK: Move all Gutenberg compatibility features to a separate module.
  • TWEAK: Improve some strings.
  • TWEAK: Improve all sanitization and escaping.
  • TWEAK: Minor CSS.
  • REMOVE: Author social links features.
  • REMOVE: Built-in SVG upload feature (please use 3rd party plugin instead).
  • REMOVE: All “Page header background” options on Page Header.
  • REMOVE: “Override page header title” text option on Customizer’s Page Settings.
  • REMOVE: “Override page header title” text option on Page Settings metabox.
  • REMOVE: All “Page header background” options on Customizer’s Page Settings.
  • REMOVE: All “Page header background” options on Page Settings metabox.
  • REMOVE: “Show page title” option on Page Header settings (page title will always be displayed).


  • NEW: Global default options for “section layout” and “content & sidebar layout”.
  • NEW: Version migration mechanism for future updates that require migration process.
  • NEW: Option to hide page title on static page meta box.
  • TWEAK: Some control & section structures on Customizer.
  • TWEAK: Some translatable strings on Customizer.
  • TWEAK: Mobile header drawer HTML structures.
  • TWEAK: Search results page when no results found.
  • FIX: Some CSS.
  • REMOVE: Ambiguous “keep content title displayed” option on Page Settings.


  • TWEAK: Some translatable strings on Customizer.
  • FIX: Blog posts page layout options not working.
  • FIX: Default CSS caused colors settings on headings, title, and small title not working.
  • FIX: Font family bugs on Small Title and Meta Info.
  • FIX: Some minor PHP warnings.


  • NEW: Option to merge header top bar, header bottom bar into header main bar.
  • NEW: Option to merge footer bottom bar into footer widgets bar.
  • TWEAK: Content wrapper is now rendered on header.php and footer.php and add new filter to disable it.
  • TWEAK: Change all ambiguous labels and terms on Customizer options to be more self-explanatory.


  • Release.