Introducing Suki: The Most Flexible and Fastest WordPress Theme

Today, we’re really excited to introduce to you, Suki. A free multipurpose WordPress theme that we’ve been developing to be the most flexible and fastest WordPress theme ever.

Why Did We Build Suki?

There are already a lot of good WordPress themes in the market. So why build another one?

We believe that every website should be both uniquely beautiful and really fast.

Before we started this project, we’ve done a lot of researches, tests, and also benchmarks on other popular themes in the market. We figured out that most of them have common problems.

Some themes are very lightweight and fast, but they lack flexibility and not really customizable. On the other hand, some themes offer flexibility through tons of options but it becomes bloated and slows down the website performance.

Those were the problems that we’re trying to solve in Suki. We wanted to build a theme that offers both flexibility and lightning fast performance altogether.

How Fast Is Suki?

Suki is not just “fast” – it’s “really fast”. On its core, we use the best coding practices to make sure that your website is rendered at the smallest page size and fastest load time.

Here’s what Suki does under the hood:

  • Fewest number of requests.
    Suki adds only 2 requests to the frontend, which are 1 CSS file and 1 JS file.
  • Tiny frontend resources.
    With WordPress standard content, the frontend page is only less than 30KB.
  • No jQuery, just Vanilla JS.
    Suki doesn’t require jQuery or other javascript frameworks. It only uses Vanilla JS which is cleaner, smoother, and costs zero bytes to load.
  • Inline SVG icons for all UI Icons.
    Unlike using Icon Font that adds a lot more requests to the frontend, Suki uses modern inline SVG Icons which is much slimmer, faster, and add no request at all.
  • Optimum memory usage.
    Suki loads only the features that are needed on the currently loaded page, no memory is wasted.

So, how does Suki perform on a real website?

Recently we did some speed tests via GTMetrix, comparing Suki with Twenty Nineteen (WordPress default theme) and some other popular themes like GeneratePress and Astra. The tests run in the same server environment, with fresh installed content, and without any caching or optimization plugin installed. Here’s the result:

Suki Twenty Nineteen GeneratePress Astra
PageSpeed Score A 100% A 99% A 100% A 100%
YSlow Score A 95% A 94% A 94% A 94%
Page Size 25.5KB 42.6KB 26.7KB 35.7KB
Load Time 0.4s 0.6s 0.5s 0.6s
Number of Requests 7 8 9 9

As seen in the results, Suki has the smallest page size and fewest number of requests compared to other themes, thus results in fastest page load time.

Key Features

Here’s the summary of Suki features:

  • Header and Footer Builder.
    Suki has a built-in Header and Footer Builder, allows you to build your own unique header and footer layout using the drag and drop builder.
  • Extensive typography and color options.
    Suki provides extensive options that allow you to easily change the colors, font size, line height, italic, bold, and letter spacing of any element on your website like a paragraph, headings, button, header menu, sidebar widget, etc.
  • Fully responsive and mobile optimized.
    Suki is optimized for mobile devices. It also has dedicated responsive options to change styles like typography, padding, margin for smaller devices.
  • Compatible with many page builders.
    Suki is fully compatible with page builders like Elementor, Brizy, Beaver Builder, Visual Composer, etc. You have the freedom to build your content with your favorite page builder.
  • Fully integrated with WooCommerce.
    Suki offers additional features for WooCommerce websites that will help you to boost your online store’s sales.
  • Ready to import website templates collection.
    We have a growing library of website templates in various categories. You can easily import the website template in one-click.

Not to mention Suki is also SEO friendly, structure data integration, accessibility-ready, translation ready, and support RTL languages.

Learn more about Suki WordPress theme features

More Awesome Features Available

In addition to the free version, we also release a premium plugin called Suki Pro. It contains a lot of advanced features that will take your website to the next level, such as Transparent Header, Sticky Header, Preloader Screen, Vertical Header, etc. These features would make your website even more unique and awesome without slowing down its performance.

Learn more about Suki Pro

What’s Coming Up Next?

Every day we’re working hard to improve Suki, so you can expect many regular updates from us. Updates will include bug fixes, enhancement of existing features, new features, new premium modules, new demo sites, and also more integration with plugins. If you want to see what’s coming up in the near future, you can check our Public Roadmap board on Trello. We try our best to be transparent about Suki development.

Suki Is Free To Use!

If this is the first time you are hearing about Suki, you can install and try Suki now. If you are already using Suki, please share your experience in the comments section.

As always, we’re open to any feedback or idea that can make Suki even better. Feel free to directly contact us or write a post on our Community Group where other users might also join the discussion.


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5 thoughts on “Introducing Suki: The Most Flexible and Fastest WordPress Theme

  1. Great intro to the theme! I know a lot of WooCommerce store owners will be looking forward to following the roadmap on Trello & the added speed their customers get from using your theme! 👍
    Keep up the GREAT WORK!

  2. There was an article recently that compared page builders, and SiteOrigin was the fastest, so considering that is also the goal of your theme, you might want to mention that here as well. Fast theme BTW, and that’s all I need anymore.

  3. It’s nice to have the fastest wordpress theme. I’m looking for comparison with generatepress. But you prove suki is faster. Thanks for the great product.

  4. Just bought it, I will spend the evening customizing it and let you know how it goes 🙂 So far, I’m really impressed with the options that it offers! Thank you Suki Team!

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